I am very happy with how Yoga with Vineet had helped my flexibility and strength. Vineet’s instructions are clear and his class flows extremely well. I feel much better physically and am sleeping well and feeling mentally strong. A wonderful way to start the day! — Deedee Dyer, ex-professor Dalhousie University, Halifax.

I love the stretching and overall I am feeling stronger. Thank you Vineet! — Allison Williams, travel agent, Chester, NS

I have been doing yoga for the past seven months. My first week I was very shaky with all poses even though I thought I was fit as I walked on average of 90 km in a week. I was very surprised that I found my body had no flexibility. Now I can stretch my spine and feel very strong. I look forward to the classes as I find Vineet an excellent instructor. His implementation of breathwork in his classes aid in a stress free mental state. I am grateful for the yoga classes by Vineet. On another note – When I started classes my blood pressure was high normal . When checked two months doing yoga it dropped down 23 points without a change of diet. I also have a shoulder injury and have found the mobility gets better and better. — Diana Redmond, Costume Designer for films, Hubbards, NS

I have been working with Vineet almost daily. I love that we work on the same muscle groups every day so that I can see the progress I am making. Compared to a year ago I have seen a strong improvement in my flexibility and endurance. I am especially pleased that my feet which seized up in any standing balance positions have recovered and the neuropathy in my feet has gone. I can breathe better, touch my toes, flex my spine and accomplish ninety per cent of the poses now with confidence. I love that Vineet is never judgmental and just let’s you plug away at your own pace at the same time he doesn’t dumb down the poses either…and over time they become doable. My concentration and focus have definitely improved with the meditation and easy breathing techniques that Vineet goes through with us. The biggest win is definitely the improvement in my asthma my body was very stressed before from fighting this condition but now I have been able to reduce my medication by 50 per cent and feel much more confident going out in all weathers. The price is very reasonable for Vineet’s classes it’s like going to a naturopathic ‘doctor ‘ every morning for a check in and coming out better than you went in. — Helen Davenport, Businesswoman, Chester, NS

As a diabetic I find yoga very beneficial in improving blood circulation & strengthening of the digestive system. Working on different muscle groups has greatly improved my flexibility & overall strength. My ability to breath more fully & deeply has improved my overall health. The breathing has helped me relax & stay in the moment. Rita Johnson, Chester, NS

I benefit in two ways: flexibility/ body working well and mental state/ calm. The classes provide a combination of structure, self awareness and calm. — Susan Crocker CM, Chester, NS.

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