Pilates, with a flavor.

Dare to try the core wrenching, neck twisting pilates session on a thin mat? Or you could go to a “Namaste” class in your town, where instructors talk your ears off.
Herring Cove, Halifax
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Vineet Basantani

Practicing yoga and meditation since 2004, teaching since 2012. On some sunny days, he walks to the end of this flat Earth, looking for faithful disciples.

PS: I have a globe at home to help me distinguish gags and reality.

Do you have any questions about the online yoga studio or the yoga classes offered here? We can talk, then.

The 8 to 9 am class is an advanced pilates session, which may not be meant for beginners, should you choose to perform every movement and pose, leaving your comfort zone light years behind.

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They’re difficult! You may sweat and moan and resist passing out. But the ending has a sweet pain to offer and you can see your life so far reeling in front of your shut eyes.

Body movements were never so fun and meditative!

Ever had a jolt from a AA battery? It’s painful, but you want it!

The Teacher

Vineet Basantani has 10,000+ hours of practicing yogic techniques and 1000+ hours of teaching experience. He secretly gardens miniscule amount of extremism in his intellect and loves to see people whine on their mat.

No moan, no me. Know moan, know me.